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It’s official. With a name like “Candy”, I was born with a sweet tooth! A sweet tooth that needed instant gratification. Growing up in South Africa, it was pretty easy to get my hands on koeksisters, malva pudding and milk tart, unfortunately the feeling of sweet happiness would not last too long as I began to suffer from skin ailments like eczema and an immune deficiency disorder. Conventional medication helped but only treated the symptoms and not the cause. The sad truth was that whenever I stopped the medication my issues would flare up even worse than before. I just could not understand why this was happening!

The real turning point in my life was when we lost my dad to cancer at the prime of his life. This is when my mum and I started to question our lifestyle and look for solutions. Mum says, “It really is when you have a fall in life, a lesson is learnt, and a true awakening occurs”. Knowledge is power and this was certainly true for us.

We began researching on how the body works and realized that if food is the ultimate fuel, serving each and every cell then surely this must also be the cause of why it would deplete. This led us to many interesting teachings on raw foods, correct food combinations and wholefood nutrition and as we encompassed these teachings into our journey we found an unbelievable transformation not only in our bodies, but within our minds too. My eczema cleared up, I am no longer reliant on chronic medication, my mum looks younger than ever and has lost a lot of weight, we think clearer and have found a new zest for life.

Embracing our new lifestyle meant giving up commercial products, which contain gluten, milk and processed sugars. It became tremendously difficult to satisfy our sweet tooth. We tried gluten free bars and vegan goodies available on the market, but they all tasted processed and unnatural with ingredients that included unhealthy substitutes like corn starch, concentrates, artificial sweeteners and other additives that we couldn’t even pronounce. We needed something magical that could satisfy our sweet tooth without compromising our health.

It was in my twenties in Switzerland that my creative and culinary skills came to the fore. Following numerous try outs, I finally found the perfect combination of natural nutrition in a delicious raw gourmet truffle creation, it was love at first bite and the cherry on top was that I could pronounce every fresh, raw and unprocessed ingredient. Simplicity at its best.

This opened the door to many other delectable creations which today are adding happiness to many lives…. and I hope to yours too!

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