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What is meant by Raw ?

When eating pure plant foods with all their energy and life-force intact, you are eating as nature intended. Raw foods are packed with enzymes which are necessary for almost all functions of the body. These enzymes unfortunately are destroyed when heated to over 45 degrees Celsius. Heat above this temperature changes the molecular structure of the food and leaves most nutrients unusable to your body.

Raw foods, because of the high nutritional value will help you lose weight, improve digestion, increase energy levels, prevent and manage health conditions.

Here are some of our main ingredients and their powerful nutritional benefits:

Raw Cacao

Cacao in its purest, raw, cold pressed and un-roasted form can offer the following benefits:

Lower blood sugar levels
Enhance blood circulation
Neutralize the effects of oxygen free radicals
Helps to lower bad cholesterol and support healthy cardiovascular function
Improve digestion through stimulation production of digestive enzymes
Increases serotonin levels, improving mood and combating depression

Raw Coconut Sugar

A natural sugar made from the sap of coconut trees. The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation named coconut sugar the most suitable sweetener in the world in 2014. The trees use minimal amounts of water and fuel, especially when compared to sugar cane production.

We source from a supplier that uses certified organically grown coconut trees
100% natural with no artificial ingredients or chemically altered
Low glycemic, 35 on the GI scale as compared to 60 for cane sugar
Contains long chain saccharides and amino acids which slow the rate of absorption in your bloodstream
Natural caramel flavor

Raw Nuts

Raw nuts contain a variety of fatty acids, amino acids, minerals and vitamins helping to improve your general well being.

Contains mono- unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids
Assists in lowering bad cholesterol and promote healthy arteries
All the nuts we use contain amino acid L-arginine that promotes efficient blood flow and improves cardiovascular function
Good source of dietary fiber
Rich in protein

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