” Absolutely delicious, I did not think that something healthy could taste so good.”

Charlene Augustine

“ Loved the brownies, they are absolutely delicious, while healthy. I just love the concept about Raw Temptation. Keep sweetening the world in a healthy way. ”

Ruxandra Naftanaila

“ The strawberry and cream pralines were the best handmade goodies I have ever had. Thank you so much for making chocolates that are so natural and carefully crafted. I would absolutely recommend these wonderful treats.”

Anjilee Patel

“ Looking for a guilt free gourmet treat that is naturally nutritious and exquisitely delicious? All our products are 100% raw, organic, gluten free and vegan.” Candice Chetty- Founder

The Story behind the Truffle

Our Little Story

Its official. With a name like Candy, I was born with a sweet tooth! A sweet tooth that needed instant gratification. Growing up in South Africa it was pretty easy to get my hands on koeksisters, malva pudding and milk tart, unfortunately the feeling of sweet happiness would not last too long as I began to suffer from skin ailments like eczema and an immune deficiency disorder.